A Trip to the Lavender Festival

Last week grandma and I went to the lavender festival in Sequim, Washington. We both share a love of that beautiful, wonderful smelling herb and planned the trip weeks in advance.

As luck would have it, we have a private flight instructor, Jeff,  in the family! We flew, turning the 5-6 hour drive one way into about 2 hours total, including driving to the airport and back. It made the trip even more special.

We visited the street festival first. It was packed. We had no idea there would be that many people there. Even on a humid, cloudy day it was difficult to navigate the streets without bumping into someone and walking at a very slow pace. Despite that we managed to visit almost all the booths, picked up some great organically produced foods and gifts, and ate some smoky BBQ.

Almost as though the weather planned it specifically for us, the weather become gorgeous around 4pm. The light was golden, the temperature not too hot. Just in time for us to visit the family-owned and operated lavender farms around Sequim. We visited three different farms and had a blast at each of them, doing u-pick lavender and enjoying the weather.

No trip to the lavender festival is complete without lavender ice creams and sorbets, of course! We tried chocolate-chip-mint-lavender ice cream and lemon lavender sorbet. Delicious!

The flight back was much better than the one there since the weather was still good. We had a perfect view of the Puget Sound. Now our houses are adorned with dried lavender in vases, lavender wreaths, and we’ve got enough lavender paraphernalia to last us… well, to last us until the next time we visit the Lavender Festival!

Our pilot for the trip.

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