Homemade Lavender Wreath

Now, I don’t claim to be a lavender wreath making expert by any means. It’s pretty tough and requires some patience, but the reward is worth it. I used a couple bundles of lavender I got from my trip to Sequim with grandma to make this. Since mine didn’t turn out completely evenly, I decided it would make a better candle centerpiece than something I’d hang on the wall. Here are the steps I took. Good luck!

You will need:
Spanish moss (optional)
Floral wire
A ton of fresh lavender, at least 2 and a half bundles that you can barely wrap your hand around. I used Folgate lavender. Play around with whatever you have (fresh recommended, but you could try using dried. Fresh is easier to handle in my opinion)
A 8″ wreath frame


Fill up your wreath frame with moss, tucking it in here and there as needed. It makes the wreath look fuller. This step is optional, especially if you have one of these substantial frames as I’m using.

Take a hefty bunch of lavender like the one above. Make sure all the tops are aligned evenly.

Trim the bottom and place on the wreath. Start wrapping your wire around the lavender a couple times. Do not trim your wire! We will be using one continuous strand.

Continue placing same-sized bundles of lavender all around the wreath on top of each other. The closer to the frame you put them the less stem will show. I like the contrast of the green against the purple, so I let the lavender hang off more so you could see the spiral of the stems. Eventually you will get to the end (as seen above). Wrap the wire a few times securely. Here is where things get tricky. For me at least!

You’ll need to fanagle the last bundle or two into that open space. Much tucking and wire weaving is needed to make it look even. This is definitely the hardest part of the wreath. Just take your time and don’t be afraid to take the whole bundle off and restart as neccesary. Even if it isn’t perfect, that’s okay. It’s homemade and quaint; a few mistakes here and there add to the charm!

The finished product with a candle in the center and a little extra moss.

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  1. It’s so beautiful, I love it!

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