Grateful Book

When I was in middle school one of my teachers gave us an assignment to get a pretty notebook and every day write a few things down that you were grateful for. It didn’t always have to be something profound. Being grateful for a sunny day, the smell of fresh baked cookies, and so on was something to be grateful for. All these years later I decided to make another one.

You Will Need
1 plain notebook
Scrapbooking paper
Other odds & ends to spruce it up
Mod podge

1. Cut paper out to fit your notebook. Glue on with mod podge.
2. Decorate with a title or other fun stickers.
3. Every day write one or a few things you are grateful for. Especially if you’re having a bad day you should stop to reflect and think about something in life that you appreciate.

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One Response to Grateful Book

  1. explorergarden says:

    I keep a Grateful journal, too! It’s a good antedote to the other kind of journal, which I use to unload troubles. Thanks!

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