It’s Squash Party Time!

No, I am not talking about hitting a high speed ball against the wall. Too much work.

As I mentioned in my garlic scape post, Eric Coleman’s book, Four-Season Harvesting, shows that growing your own food enables you to harvest any part of any plant at any time you want.

You may know someone who grows that prolific zucchini plant and is always begging you and everyone else to take them. But zucchini, along with pumpkins and winter squash, produce a gourmet delicacy whose life only endures a few hours and is not found in super markets.

Squash blossoms!

Mostly purchased at Farmers’ Markets and used in restaurants, they can be stuffed with a soft cheese mixed with herbs and eaten as an appetizer or lightly battered and deep fried. They can also be added to soups, casseroles, salads, quesadillas and pizza topping.

We wait to have a family Squash Blossom Party when there are about 30 blossoms ready at one time. Only the male blossom is usually used. The female produces the fruit. If we want larger fruit, we harvest the extra female blossoms as well to promote growth.

What a great time we have sampling different squash blossom recipes.

So, if you know someone who is always trying to give you zucchini, perhaps you could suggest that you would really appreciate some squash blossoms instead.

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