A First Attempt at Free Motion Quilting

A few weeks ago I got a free motion quilting foot. The quilt I was working on wasn’t finished yet, so I ended up setting it aside and forgot about it. Then when I decided to do the Halloween panel above, I knew it was an easy, small project I could try the foot out on.

But before I did, some research was in order. I was intimidated by the idea of free motion quilting since I’d never done it before. When I found this series of videos on Youtube, I knew I needed to share. The lady who does them tells you everything you need to know and more. Out of all the websites and videos I watched, hers were definitely the most helpful.

There are four videos total. I recommend watching all of them if you’re considering trying free motion quilting. The second video shows you how to make a quilting wall, which I’d never heard of but am going to try making!

Here is a close-up on my first attempt at meandering, random stitches. I think they look pretty good for a first try!

Here is the first video in the series.

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2 Responses to A First Attempt at Free Motion Quilting

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    You did very well. I do all my large quilts free motion. I do them in strips and sew them together. I learned how watching simply quilts years ago on cable. I don’t have the money to send them off to be quilted and my middle fingure on my right hand can’t handle the hand quilting any more. Thanks for the show.

    • itselliewellie says:

      Thanks! I think I will try doing a bigger quilt in strips. It sounds like it makes it easier. I can’t imagine doing anything bigger than a crib size right now.

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