Easy Halloween Tea Towel

This Halloween tea towel is so easy to whip up and give as a Halloween gift. I make a few strips of candy corns to use on other projects as well. They make cute pockets!

You Will Need
A tea towel (I get mine from my local craft store for about $2 each)
A strip of Halloween fabric as long as the tea towel is wide, as tall as you want it. I like mine about 5″ tall.
2″ wide Orange fabric
6″ wide Yellow fabric
3″ White fabric
Basic sewing supplies

1. Create the candy corn by sewing the strips of orange, yellow, and white on top of each other. The length of the fabric depends on how many candy corn you want to make. Press the seams open. Print candy corn out on 8×11.5 paper and cut it out. Place the candy corn on your fabric. You may want to pin it if you’re cutting it out with scissors. I’m good with my rotary cutter so I do it with that without pinning.

2. Fold the edges of your Halloween 1/4 inch. Press. Pin onto the tea towel, folding the edges underneath the tea towel. Pin. Stitch the strip on. I think this is a good opportunity to use a festive stitch. Using a regular stitch, go along the edges to secure.

3. Place the candy corn. Pin. I go around the edges very carefully with the above stitch so I don’t fold the edges under. If you are using a straight stitch, you’ll need to iron the edges of the candy corn under unless you want it to look frayed.

4. Trim loose threads and use fray check if desired. Done!

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