Halloween Apron with Ruffled Skirt Tutorial

This Halloween apron is super cute and easy to make. The candy corn pocket gives it extra festive flare. I suggest making a few extra candy corn to use on other projects, too. Remember to cut fabric out based on your own preferences. For example, if you like a long apron, make the layers on the skirt taller. I also recommend a longer waist tie if you like a bigger bow around your waist.

You Will Need
3 fat quarters Halloween fabric. Cut each fat quarter into (3) 5″ tall strips
3″ x at least 10″ orange fabric
6″ x at least 10″ yellow fabric
2″ x at least 10″ white fabric
10″ x 10″ fabric to line pocket with
13″ x 9″ orange fabric for bodice
13″ x 4″ gray fabric for bodice
24″ x 4 1/2″ orange fabric for waist tie
20″ x 4″ gray fabric for neck strap
Ric-rac (optional)
Lined Candy Corn Pocket

Candy Corn Pocket

Create the candy corn pocket by sewing the strips of orange, yellow, and white on top of each other. The length of the fabric depends on how many candy corn you want to make, but for one pocket you need at least 10″. Press the seams open.

Print candy corn out on 8×11.5 paper and cut it out. Place the candy corn on your fabric. You may want to pin it if you’re cutting it out with scissors. I’m good with my rotary cutter so I do it with that without pinning.

Use the same cutout and cut a solid piece of lining. This will help make your pocket sturdier. Place right sides of lining and candy corn together. Stitch around edges leaving a small area to turn the pocket inside out. Stitch the opening closed. Press.

Waist Tie

Turn in the long and short edges of the orange fabric, press, and stitch. You may want to make your waist tie larger or smaller based on your own measurements. Fold the entire waist tie in half lengthwise and press.

Bodice & neck strap (optional)

Sew the gray fabric onto either side of the orange fabric. Press open the seams. Turn in the edges (top and sides), press, and stitch. Add any ric-rac if you want.

Measure the length of neck strap you want (mine is 20″ x 4″ but you may want something longer or smaller depending on your preference). Fold the right sides together and sew the bottom and side closed. Turn inside out. Press. Edge stitch. Your final product will look something like the one below.

Stitch the neck strap onto the bodice. Make sure your strap isn’t twisted when you do this step.

Ruffled Skirt Layers

Sew your Halloween strips end to end so you have three long strips. Sew these layers on top of one another to create a bigger, layered piece of fabric.

Turn under the bottom and stitch. Press open the seams. If you want to add ric-rac, you should do that now.

Place and pin your candy corn pocket. Stitch in place. Make sure you sew relatively high up on the candy corn or else the top will fold over and sag when you wear the apron.

Using the longest stitch you have, with 1/2″ seam allowance, stitch and back stitch. Stitch to the end and give yourself at least six inches of extra thread before clipping. You will now pull either the bobbin or top thread only. A ruffle will begin forming. Move the ruffles around until you have them evenly dispersed. Tie the loose thread and trim. Fold the edges of your ruffled skirt in, press, and stitch.

Set your waist tie on the table and place your ruffled skirt inside the. It should just cover the stitches you used to create the ruffle. Pin it thoroughly. Begin stitching at the end of the orange waist tie all the way down the skirt to the end of the other waist tie. Always make sure you are sewing underneath the ruffle-stitch, checking periodically to make sure it isn’t slipping out from the waist tie. If you just want a skirt apron, you’re finished, otherwise continue onto the bodice.

Adding bodice

Place right sides of the apron skirt and bodice together. Stitch. That’s it!

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