Christmas Craft Party

This year I hosted our family’s Christmas craft party. It was the first party where I organized the crafts, food, and other details from start to finish almost entirely on my own. The undertaking was worth it because the craft party was amazing! Everyone had a great time, got plenty to eat, and got to take home a ton of fun and easy crafts.

Big mess!

I encourage you to have a craft party of your own, even if you have a handful of people or a big group. It is so much fun and captures the holiday spirit.

In this post I’ll share some of my suggestions so you can start planning your own party. Over the next week or so I’ll share some of my specific menu choices and the details of my craft projects.

Craft Tips
-If you have a lot of people coming, I recommend separating the foundation of the craft (blank gift tags, cardboard cones, bulbs, etc.) from the embellishments (paints, glue, glitter, etc.) on different tables. This opened up space on my main crafting tables. People picked what they wanted to work on, then took it to the main tables to decorate.
-Ask people to bring their own scissors if you don’t have enough pairs. This is a small thing that is easily overlooked but makes a huge difference!
-Bring out anything people might get creative with (scrap paper, yarn, bits of fabric. People will use it!)
-Create a demo of each craft so people can be inspired.
-If you’re using paints make sure you have tons of brushes.
-Tape up instructions or decorating tips. This will help people who aren’t that crafty feel comfortable and confident.

-If any of your activities involve glue or paint, use cooling racks with newspaper underneath as a “drying station.”

-Make sure you have crafts for all ages. Projects that are heavy on the hot gluing or use glass might not be suitable for younger children.

Food Tips
-It’s easy to let a menu get out of control (for me at least!), but resist the temptation and keep it as simple as you can. You want to spend time with your friends and family, not slaving away in the kitchen. Make items that can be made the night or day before and are low effort items like dips, vegetable trays, or little sandwiches. Invite guests to bring a dish if they want to.

-Don’t overload everyone with sugar or they’ll crash later on.
-Make sure guests have access to water in addition to whatever other drinks you have. This is easy to overlook but sometimes it’s just what people want.

General Tips
-Have clearly marked garbage and recycling bins (this helps reduce the post-crafting mess too).
-Offer non-craft related activities. I couldn’t find any of the Christmas DVDs but Lord of the Rings ended up amusing everyone just the same.
-Make a takeaway gift. I put together an easy around-the-cupboard Christmas card display kit.
-If you have a tri-pod, set up a photo booth with Santa hats and other fun accessories. People can go and take photos on their own time.

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