Santa Hot Cocoa Gift


When I saw this craft on Pinterest I knew it would be a great addition to the project lineup for my Christmas craft party. Everyone makes the most adorable faces and each one turns out differently. The pin only gave the simplest of instructions, and I ended up discovering a few things I thought I’d share.

You Will Need
Clear plastic decorating bags
Mint chips (crush your own or buy them at the store. These are not chocolate mint chips, but candy cane chips)
Cocoa mix of your choice
Plastic sandwich bags (not the zip kind, but regular sandwich bags)
Mini marshmallows
Cotton balls (to tear apart for eyebrows and mustache)
White pom-pom (for top of hat)
Googly eyes
Red felt
Ribbon (to tie bottom)
Directions to tape/stick onto back

Note: my instructions are for cocoa mix that is 3 tbs of cocoa mix per 1 serving, and there are 4 servings in each Santa. You’ll need to check out your own cocoa mix for specific directions. Don’t just pour it in willy nilly!

You can make mouths, noses, and bright cheeks with the felt.

You can make mouths, noses, and bright cheeks with the felt.

1. Fill 1/4 cup mint chips into tip of decorating bag.
Tip: if possible get decorating bags that don’t have any markings or emblems on them. Mine had the Wilton logo on it and while it didn’t look terrible, I wish it wasn’t there!
2. Place the sandwich bag in, one tip first, into the decorating bag. The idea is to get that bag flush with the decorating bag. Pour 3/4 cup of cocoa mix into the bag. You’ll need to shake the mix together to get the cocoa bag as tightly fitted into the hat as possible so there isn’t much wiggle room. Twist the sandwich bag closed.
Note: the purpose of the sandwich bag is to keep the cocoa powder from getting everywhere. The recipient will be able to keep the marshmallows separate without any difficulty.
3. Quickly pack in mini marshmallows before the sandwich bag unravels. You’ll want about 1 cup. Twist the decorating bag closed very tightly and tie with ribbon.
4. Tape directions onto the back or tie them on with a tag so people know how much water or milk to use in the cocoa mix.


Directions on the back.

Decorating tips
-Use a pom-pom for the top of the hat, but use cotton balls for the mustache, eyebrows, hat rim, etc. You can tear it up and shape it however you want, whereas the pom-pom can’t easily be torn up and shaped.
-I used a tiny bit of hot glue on my Santa’s face. Let it cool a second before putting it onto the decorating bag. I found that hot glue worked better than all purpose white glue or glue dots. Just be careful not to melt through the bag.
-I designed stickers to put on the back of the Santa with directions. You can’t give someone a lovely Santa hot cocoa and expect them to know what kind of mix it is or how to put it together, right?


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