Salt Frosted Ornaments & Trees


I saw a lot of pins of ornaments with Epsom salt used as frost on bulbs and knew I had to offer it as an option at my Christmas craft party . As expected people had even more great ideas of what to do with it, so I thought I’d share some craft ideas and tips on using Epsom salt to create frost and snow!

You Will Need
Epsom salt (This probably won’t be near regular salt in the store. Mine is with the medical supplies like Band-Aids. You won’t need a lot because a little goes a long way.)
Hot glue
Crafts to decorate (ornaments, trees, etc.)

For ornaments (photo above): pour a good amount of Epsom salt onto a plate. Use a brush to heavily coat the ornament in glue. You may want to do the whole ornament or half. Mod-podge will work best to coat large areas of ornaments. Quickly press the ornament into the salt. Shake excess. Hang or place on rack to dry. Once the ornament has dried, you may want to shake the rest of the excess off.


For trees/other crafts: Use hot glue on things like cardboard trees or crafts that you want small/specific areas frosted. Set newspaper or something underneath your craft to catch salt. Doing small sections at a time, pipe hot glue in the area you want and quickly take handfuls of salt and drop it onto the hot glue. Repeat until all areas are done. You must work quickly and carefully since the glue needs to be very hot to hold the salt. Shake any extra salt off and save for later use.



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