Tinfoil Toasted Dark Chocolate S’mores


In my family we almost always wrap our s’mores in tinfoil and toss them in on top of the grill or in the dying embers of a campfire. I remember the first time I saw someone toast the marshmallow, then put it on a cold cracker and chocolate; it didn’t make sense to me. Sure, the marshmallow was warm and toasty, but the rest of it wasn’t.


While that is definitely a fun and traditional way to do it, the way we do it is messier but more delicious (we think at least!). By wrapping the whole thing in tinfoil, everything gets warm and gooey. The graham cracker gets crisp, the chocolate and marshmallow get soft. The mess is always worth it.

Graham crackers
Hershey’s dark chocolate bars
“Stacker” marshmallows (I just found these in the store; they are made for s’mores!)


1. Prepare the s’more by sandwiching the marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers.
2. Gently wrap in tinfoil, taking care not to smash the cracker. The tinfoil should wrap into a neat package.
3. Set away from direct heat. This is very important because these s’mores packages will burn easily. It might take one or two tries to really get a feel for it; you should flip them a few minutes in then check. Everything should be warm and oozing. If not, return to the heat source and cook a little longer.




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