Summer Canning; get started!

Its summer and you know that means we’re canning up a storm! It might be late in the summer, but there are plenty of staple items you still have time to do. I thought this would be a good time to revisit some of last year’s canning recipes, too.


In Washington blackberries are everywhere right now. Getting people together to pick is fun and very rewarding. You can preserve whole blackberries in simple syrup or make jams and jellies.


For my blackberry jam and jelly, I just use the recipe included with the No-Sugar Sur Jell box.


A tip on jellies; if you don’t have enough blackberry juice, you can cut it with another unsweetened juice like raspberry or cranberry. Be sure it truly is unsweetened and not from concentrate.



Super Simple Salsa
This salsa recipe is extremely easy; only rough chops on the veggies are required, then the food processor does the rest.


Grandma Rosquist’s Chili Sauce
Grandma Rosquist’s chili sauce recipe has been in our family for generations. It is the perfect accompaniment to pot roast and other meat dishes.


Homemade Marinara Sauce
Homemade marinara is a bit of work, but phenomenally delicious and very rewarding.


If you can still get some cukes in season, try making pickles. has some great tips on getting the right cukes.


Grandpa’s Favorite Bread and Butter Pickles
The name says it all! These B&Bs have a rich, sweet flavor.


Really Dilly Pickles
Really dilly pickles are good on sandwiches, in potato salads, but these are so crunchy and delicious you might want to eat them straight!

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