Time to Can Apples!


A beautiful photo of apples from gramawama’s garden.

We hope you’re having a wonderful fall canning season! As you might know, apples are in season and there’s a lot you can do with them. In addition to fresh applications, like pies, tarts, and juices, you can make some great preserves, too. I hold true to apple butter and apple pie filling being wonderful Christmas gifts later in the year.

In this post I wanted to share apple recipes from last year as well as some other helpful apple-related links to aid you in your apple canning ventures!

Apple Butter


Apple Butter for Canning Recipe
No, no actual butter in this! The flavor and texture is luscious and wonderful on toast or ice cream. It is a bit time consuming, but the results are always worth it. So far this season I’ve made 30 half-pints. Can’t wait to give them away this Christmas!

Apple Pie Filling


Apple Pie Filling for Canning Recipe
All you need is a crust and you’ll have an instant homemade apple pie. The flavor is much more delicate and tasty than store-bought apple pie filling from a can.

Helpful Apple Links

One of my favorite websites is pickyourown.org. They have great instructions for apple sauce that I highly recommend reading. If you ever have the opportunity to pick your own apples, she has an informative post here that might be of use.

We hope you make some delicious Fall treats with apples this season!


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2 Responses to Time to Can Apples!

  1. jessthetics says:

    The apple butter looks so delicious! I have a coupleof apple treres in my garden so I’m always looking for good apple recipes 🙂 xx

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