A Trip to Ireland: High Tea in Galway

This is the sixth in a series of posts on our trip to Ireland in July. You can view the initial post here! The fifth: Irish Soda Bread with Recipe, The fourth: Scones (with recipe. The third: Irish Fry, The second: O’Keeffe Butcher Shop, Donerail and first: Whippy Cones.

While I was in Galway with my classmates, we walked by a very quaint tea shop called Cupan Tae. It was a very small shop ran by young ladies who wore cute matching aprons. They offered an assortment of sandwiches and other lunch items, but what my friends and I were interested in was high tea.


Each girl got their own tea pot with whatever tea they wanted; there were more flavors of tea than I’d ever seen before. The delicate china was beautiful, different each time we went. Lumps of raw and white sugar would come with a small pitcher of delicious Irish cream (or rather, regular cream there, but it was better than what we have in the states!)


The space was very small, but it created a wonderful cozy feeling that was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Amongst the busy chatter of high tea, the girls and I discussed everything under the sun as we waited for our trays of goodies to come.


The tiers had sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle, and small desserts on the top.


We slathered the scones in butter, Devonshire cream, and homemade raspberry preserves.



The desserts were poppy cakes, a lemon cake, and some kind of dense fudge cake with crisp wafers in it. We cut these up so each of us could try at least a nibble of the delectable treats.


The sandwich options were cucumber, ham, or egg salad. The bread, of course, was very fresh and is locally made.


Pinkies out is most appropriate during high tea!

tea13 tea7 tea8

It was a wonderful experience dressing up and going out with the girls to high tea. I plan on hosting my own high tea soon, inspired by the memories of my high tea in Ireland.


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