Fall Bucket List: PSL, fall decorations, and candles


September is almost over and I have a few things complete on my fall bucket list! Not too many, but October should be a good month for some lovely fall crafts and activities. It doesn’t totally feel like fall right now. We’ve had weather in the 80s just last week. The past two days have been pouring rain, but you never know when the sun will come out again.

Anyway, I’m crossing off PSL, new fall candles, and decorating the house from my list!

Fall Bucket List
Fall hike
Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks (second week of September! Any earlier is too early for me)
Pumpkin patch trip
Decorate or carve pumpkins
Make whey popcorn balls with Uncle Joe
Have a Halloween party
Make butternut squash soup with hearty homemade bread
Get a new fall candle
Go apple picking
Apple week (can apple butter, apple pie filling, make fresh apple juice)
Pumpkin bread from scratch
Decorate the house
Have a fire
Make at least one quilt as a Christmas gift


The Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks is more of a fall ritual for me, rather than a drink I’ll have often during the fall. Since we got our own espresso machine I find I don’t like the flavor of Starbucks coffee too much. I think I can probably make my own version of the PSL. Hmm…


I’m also loving my new fall candles from Yankee. Yankee candles are kind of expensive, but I had a great coupon for buy 2 get 2 free. That’ll be enough candles to last the fall and probably some of Christmas, too! I got a pear, pumpkin, coffee cake, and “harvest” scent.

candlesAnd of course, I had to get my fall decorations up. I have some nice leaf garland and a wreath on the front door, as well as some decorations on my mantle, dining room table, and bookshelf!

pumpkinsI actually leave all the fall decorations up until November. In October I add the Halloween touches then remove them the day after.

decorThat’s all on my bucket list for now! Pumpkin patch coming up soon I hope and some other lovely fall activities! Hope you are all having a wonderful fall.

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One Response to Fall Bucket List: PSL, fall decorations, and candles

  1. Jackie Morton says:

    my bucket list looks just like your bucket list must run in the blood

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