Fall Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch

Who would’ve guessed it would be hot and sunny in late October in Washington? Just my luck I suppose! As per my fall bucket list, I finally made it to the pumpkin patch and took lots of pictures. We got some great pumpkins, one of which being very unique and ugly. Ever year I like to get at least one ugly pumpkin.

Craven Farm was absolutely packed–triple the amount of people I usually see–but there were still tons of pumpkins to choose from. We kept it simple this year and got a little round guy and a tall green-orange one to accompany the ugly pumpkin.

Hope you enjoy the gallery and are having a great fall!


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1 Response to Fall Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch

  1. Jackie Morton says:

    let’s see there can’t be too much left on that October bucket list carving a pumpkin going to the party and then there’s the haunted house

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