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Salt Frosted Ornaments & Trees

I saw a lot of pins of ornaments with Epsom salt used as frost on bulbs and knew I had to offer it as an option at my Christmas craft party . As expected people had even more great ideas … Continue reading

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Continuing the Grape Juice Tradition

My family has been growing grapes for many years now. Gramawama, grandpa, and my uncle Michael make juice and jelly out of it. My grandparents are using grapes that they started growing many years ago and have even transplanted into … Continue reading

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Grandma Rosquist’s Chili Sauce

No, it is not Mexican. Actually, more than 80 years ago, my husband’s grandmother from Sweden was making chili sauce which became a tradition in his family. It’s great on scrambled eggs, mixed in mayo for hamburgers, or our favorite; … Continue reading

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It’s Squash Party Time!

No, I am not talking about hitting a high speed ball against the wall. Too much work. As I mentioned in my garlic scape post, Eric Coleman’s book, Four-Season Harvesting, shows that growing your own food enables you to harvest … Continue reading

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Garlic Scapes

A newcomer of five years to mini farming, I use Eliot Coleman’s book, “Four-Season Harvesting”, as my instruction manual. One idea I found intriguing was by growing your own produce you can harvest any part of any plant at any … Continue reading

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Lavender Lemonade with Lavender-Sugar-Rimmed Glasses

It looks like normal lemonade, but this one has lavender infused simple syrup and a lavender-sugar-rimmed glass. I’ve used two different lavenders here: silver edge lavender for the sugar (it’s what I have growing on my patio) and English lavender … Continue reading

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